Posted on Aug 14, 2021

Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

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#Automatic Driving Lessons Cardiff#
On the first step towards getting behind the wheel, you will need to get a provisional license. Simply explained, itโ€™s a small green card that permits you to learn how to drive. Without one, you can't legally do either; whether that's taking lessons or with your family member and so make sure not only apply for one before learning.

To purchase one of these cards all a pupil needs is their driving license number from The latest prices on their website show it costs ยฃ34 in order for a person who is 18 or over and holding an international driving license (a permit from another country) to take their practical test.

The U.K.'s government website reveals that internationally licensed drivers must pay ยฃ30-40 while they are still under 25 years old in order for them to complete their theory exam before taking the UK Driving Test at some point within two years of passing this first screening process
Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff
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