Posted on Aug 15, 2021

Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

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#Automatic Driving Lessons Cardiff#
This might be the case if your car is a manual. The slow process of going through the gears can make it difficult to keep up with traffic on busy highways, but there are some who say that shifting gears has benefits for performance and fuel economy. If you're wondering what's best for your driving style, consider these factors before deciding.

Are you someone who likes to stay active while driving? Manuals will require more arm strength and could also help calm nerves during stressful situations like rush hour traffic or highway construction zones.

Do you often find yourself frustrated when looking for parking spots because they're scarce or too small? Having a manual transmission can help get into smaller spaces as in between parked vehicles.
Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff
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The driving test is a test of skill and keeping your nerve. In our experience, yes you can pass quicker in an automatic, of course, this also depends on the pupil, as no two pupils are the same.
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